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Baratunde Thurston: A Bacon-infused Internet?

"You are not special because you make things" - BT

Making magic, using logic
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The Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment Model

The Newsroom. A new show by Aaron Sorkin on HBO.

DID YOU HEAR ME!!! ARRON SORKIN’S NEW SHOW!!!!! The trailer is everything a TV fan wants from Sorkin. 

Quite literally counting the days till the premier.

Our boy Andrew Goldstein contributes his joke writing skills to this Celebrity Apprentice Post Show recap spoof. The Trump goes off topic here on a rant about his love of the CW. #branding

1977 PPA World Putting Championship from Joe Aboid on Vimeo.

1977 Semi Final Match #1
Eugene Carter vs Roger Smith

1977 World Putting Championship via PPA-TV. Because America could use the return of high-stakes, televised Putt-Putt tournaments.


L’esplosione del Content Marketing 


L’esplosione del Content Marketing 

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